Check right With so much change in the marketing and branding world these days and all the economic upheaval, it's easy to think about what companies are doing wrong. But what about those who are doing it right? There are a lot of shining examples of companies that are standing out from the crowd. So, we'd like to feature them here in the Yaffe Tidbits blog. And we'd like to know what companies you look up to? Who do you think is doing something right and deserves a little credit? Or who is doing something we all can learn from?

Starting next month, we will write a blog post featuring a company that is "doing it right." Our goal is to do write one twice a month to start and if it's something that you like, we'll do more of it. We've already talked about how Biggby Coffee does social media right, how the Indianapolis Airport does customer engagement right and how Zappos does telling your corporate brand story right. You can go back and look at those posts to get an idea of where we're going.

So, leave us a comment or drop us an email at and nominate your favorite company to be profiled here. Tell us what they're doing right - we'll pick the best ones and tell their stories. As we go along, we'll make adjustments to this feature based on your feedback. So, let's hear from you. Who is doing marketing, branding, corporate culture, advertising, social media or something else right?

Mike McClure, Investigative Storyteller.

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  • Diane Pittman says:

    Target. I remember when they were awful in the 80’s. You have to hand it to any brand who can turn their image around. They did it the right way. They got their operations going in the right direction first, then their marketing and advertising didn’t have to lie. They got cool, hip designers to start lines their in clothing and housewares. I can’t go there without dropping $200. You go there for one thing and come out with a bunch of other cool stuff. Brilliant. There image campaign is fashionable, fun and light-hearted. The in-store experience is consistent with that image and consistent from store to store. You can check out really quickly or return merchandise really quickly, which is really, really, really important. I can’t believe some retailers don’t get that yet (like Sears).

  • Shev Goldstein says:

    Mike, in a word: Apple. ‘Nuf said.

  • Mike McClure says:

    Shev – Thanks for the nod to Apple.
    Diane – Thanks. Yes, when you look at where Target was to what they’ve become, it’s an amazing story. Thanks for sharing.
    Everyone – we’ve also (through other channels) gotten suggestions of Southwest Airlines, Adidas, BMW Japan, Coffee Beanery on Woodward in Berkley and Absolut Vodka. Keep `em coming!

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  • Mike McClure says:

    Thanks Kathleen, sounds like a worthy organization. Hadn’t heard of them before this, will definately check them out.

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