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By April 6, 2016Ad of the week

Chase Fairy DadmotherChase just debuted a new series of 4 ads from their new agency, Droga5. Each one tells a very human story that leads to a different way that Chase helps you plan for your financial future, ending with the tagline "So you can." I love the spots, because not only are they very well done from an executional standpoint, but they are very well done from a human standpoint.

Each spot tells a story we can all relate to in very simple terms, mostly with a music track and the visuals telling the story. Each story leads to a specific Chase product in a way that feel natural, not forced. And although, each story is relies on simple human emotions that everyone can relate to, they all feel like an original idea. The most original one, "Fairy Dadfather" has a regular dad getting outfitted in makeup, wig and a dress throughout the first two-thirds of the spot. Then it reveals, he's getting outfitted for his daughter's party where everyone is dressed like a fairy. It shows the depths of feelings a good father can have for his daughter, which leads into planning for her future with a Chase college fund.

 Chase – College Savings with Fairy Dadfather

Another original take on a simple human story. Follows the path of a miniature pig on a leash as it's walked through the park. We see what appears to be a couple walking it that feel slightly like old hippies, but not over the top so. Here the story is you've lived your life your way; you can retire your way – with Chase retirement planning.

 Chase - Two Confident Retirees Prepare for Their Retirement

The third one tells a touching story of a young boy and a girl who walk to school holding hands. We see them at different times through their lives, remaining good friends, but sometimes dating someone else, pining for each other and finally back together again as an older couple holding hands. This isn't as imaginative. The main different thing about it is that the couple is bi-racial. But that isn't as radical or brave as it once was. However, the story is told very well and is emotionally satisfying. 

 Chase - Partners for Life Protect Their Future

The last one tells the story of a single mom getting ready to go out on a date, chatting with her pre-teen or young teen son as she gets ready. It's the most expected of the storylines, but is still told well and shot well. 

 Chase - A Single Mom Prepares for the Future

Overall, I felt this is the best campaign of this genre I'd seen in awhile. Good storytelling, shot well and well executed. What do you think? Got a spot or campaign you'd like to submit for Ad of the Week? Let me know.

Mike McClureMike McClure, Chief Storyteller and Story Watcher.

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