Ad of the Week: Virgin Trains – Be Bound for Glory

This week's ad of the week comes from across the pond, a Virgin Trains spot from the UK that came out the end of last summer. But, here in the U.S., you've probably not seen it yet. Our summer copywriter intern sent it to me as an example of a read she was thinking of and I enjoyed it so much, I'm making it the ad of the week. 

Virgin Trains be bound for gloryThe ad features a young man taking the train out to meet is girlfriend's family for the first time. He's greeted at the door by his love and leans in for a kiss. She pulls back and opens the door wide to reveal her family, who is definitely not ready to embrace him. The dad eyeballs him suspiciously, the mom looks skeptical, the brother is bored and not impressed and the dog outright disdains him. Through a series of moments, played out over the weekend, we see him win them all over, with empowering music and voice-over accompanying his journey, eventually referring to him as the "parents whisperer." 

It's all done in slightly over-the-top cheekiness that plays well and fits the Virgin brand. The spot ends with the tagline, Virgin Trains, be bound for glory. It's the perfect conclusion for the story we were just told. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

 Virgin Trains – Be Bound for Glory

Thanks again for Sarah Knight for sharing this spot with me. If you have a suggestion for ad of the week, leave a response here or shoot us a message via social or email:

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