Ad of the Week: Channel 4 – We’re The Superhumans (Rio Paralympics Trailer)

Channel 4 We're The Superhumans drummerWow. I mean, just… wow. I am just blown away by this video Channel 4 (UK) put together for the Paralympics in Rio. It opens with an armless drummer laying down some beats with his feet. He's joined by an all "disabled" band – although you wouldn't really call them disabled, as they are all far more "abled" than I am at all they do, which makes them the superhumans of the spot title.

A lead singer singer in a wheelchair starts belting out an anthem about "yes, I can" as we see footage of Paralympics doing amazing athletic feats. We glide from a scene of a hard hit full on contact wheelchair basketball to suddenly a black and white old movie scene with tap dancers, each with an artificial leg and a kick line of one legged chorus girls, while a guy with just stubs for arms plays an amazing piano solo. Out of this we have a daredevil wheelchair rider shooting down a ramp and through a window to take us back to Paralympic athletes. 

Channel-4 We're the SuperhumansThe music and imagery is very uplifting and amazing, going back and forth between incredible athletic achievements and amazing every day achievements, while our singer croons his "yes I can" anthem. It's very upbeat and fast paced until near the end we are suddenly in what is obviously an business job interview situation, where the prospective boss tells someone in a wheel chair, "no, you can't." But then that person is suddenly in athletic gear hurtling towards camera, screaming "Yes, I can!" before smashing into his opponent on the court. 

Watch this spot and you will truly believe that there are superhumans living among us. It is a great message put together amazingly well. Enjoy.

 Channel 4 – We're the Superhumans

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