Call Volume Increases 300% With New Campaign From Yaffe.

Our expertise is in planning and executing broad media mix campaigns. We pride ourselves on maximizing the budget to give you the greatest amount of exposure possible. This case study is a first-rate example of how marketing can be used to enhance state services.

The Yaffe Group helped the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) create awareness about their Work Share program and within the first few weeks of the campaign, they saw a 300% increase in call volume.

Work Share is a voluntary program offered by the UIA that assists Michigan employers who are having to consider layoffs. The program supplements employee payment with partial unemployment compensation so that businesses don’t have to lose their skilled work force and workers can keep their jobs.

The UIA was interested in generating statewide awareness among their key audience of HR, benefit managers and small business owners as fast as possible. These results were quickly achieved through supplementing their existing email list by purchasing an additional list of HR managers based on a specific set of criteria.

We used a drip marketing campaign to pin-point who would most likely be dealing with unemployment matters to give them the right information at the right time, based on their behavior. Then, we did A/B testing of email subject lines and online ad headlines. We monitored the digital and social aspects on an ongoing basis to optimize the results. The email portion of this campaign received a staggering 18% open rate with the first email deployed – well above average response rate.

We deployed a strategic plan that targeted the two markets with the highest concentration of employers: Detroit DMA and Grand Rapids. TV was concentrated in these areas and media was placed on select stations to maximize the return on investment and added value opportunities. Radio was also concentrated to select stations to deliver the most PSAs.

Yaffe leveraged their media relationships to secure several radio and TV interviews with the program director, further extending awareness across the state. In addition, we leveraged our media budget to add print to the campaign at no extra cost for maximized exposure.

Our plan was complemented by paid social on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Digital included display and video pre-roll. Early reporting showed an increase in web traffic to the UIA homepage and landing page.

Within the first few weeks of the campaign, our client experienced a 300% increase in call volume. The Yaffe Group enhanced a state service by quickly raising awareness about UIA’s Work Share program, and businesses and workers across Michigan were benefiting from the program.




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Additional Strategies and Creative Made the Campaign Stronger

The initial contract scope was for media planning and buying. But Yaffe’s strategic advice lead to adding better email marketing and digital/social marketing techniques into the mix. Yaffe’s creative team was then brought in to assist the client developing and producing all the creative assets including TV, web video, radio, email and digital banner ads.