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July 26, 2017 in Ad of the week, furniture retailers, and 2 others

Ad of the Week: Crate & Barrel – Welcome Love In

July 24, 2017 in Customer Loyalty, Customer Service, and 6 others

Using Gamification to Steal Customers from Your Competition

My morning routine is a case study in how you can use gamification in your retail marketing to steal your competition’s customers. You, see, I’m a coffee addict. The first...


May 19, 2017 in General, media, and 2 others

Twitter, Social, the Presidential Election and Existentialism

A rose is a rose… People now-a-days know, or are fairly certain, that the 2016 election was won on Twitter. How so?  They either followed it on social media or...


May 10, 2017 in Ad of the week,

Ad of the Week: Volkswagen Atlas – America

Okay, it’s been a few months since I last chose an ad of the week, but this is a good one to get us started again. Volkswagen has always done...


May 4, 2017 in Advertising, Business, and 2 others

Full-Service Makes a Comeback

We’re all inundated with questions about the “future of the agency model” and the ongoing debate between full service agencies and specialty shops.  Both have merit. Still, I come down...

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