Perfecting the art and science of Humanalytics

Data is only part of the story. Each individual’s decisions and motivations are affected by both external and internal emotion triggers. Humanalytics meld together hard data with the fluctuating cycles of human emotion.

It’s all part of our customer-centric approach to marketing. Putting your customer at the center of everything we do is important to making real human connections. Data and analytics give us insights. Walking in your customers’ shoes lets us see what emotions are driving their decisions.

Fred Yaffe, Founder

Master of persuasive communication

For over 50 years Fred’s name has been on an agency in Detroit. His vision, knowledge, energy and uncanny knack for persuasion has made The Yaffe Group what it is today. And he’s always been ahead of the curve. He had an MBA from the University of Michigan before MBAs became fashionable. He has had a hand in many of the great brands to come out of Detroit. He had us helping clients with their data a decade before “Big Data” became a thing.

Fred’s persistence in providing clients what they need to stay ahead of the competition has ensured that we’re always evolving. Always embracing new ways to serve our client’s needs. Never forgetting the key tenant of our business: Persuasive Communication.

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What we can do for you.

Human emotions can be messy. Sorting through all available data can be daunting. Combining them takes practice and a willingness to think beyond normal boundaries. Sometimes the right solution requires new thinking. New practices. New ways of looking at things. That’s how Humanalytics became a part of our practice, along with the full list of solutions here.

What we’ve done for others.

Our experience spans just about everything. B2C and B2B. Even G2C. We can’t list them all. So, here are our top six industries.

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