Digital Strategy Added $172K in Sales Over One Month.

We added IP address targeting to our digital one-to-one marketing strategy for Grand Home Furnishings and drove $172K in sales during this one-month campaign. We put together a compelling digital first offer and created a performance driven custom solution for our client. This included a clear call to action, simple path to purchase, a landing page and call tracking. Then, we were able to take Grand Home Furnishings’ unique set of digital marketing challenges and turn them into a profitable asset.

First, we collected data in accordance with Grand Home Furnishings criteria. Then, we took all of the offline physical data and paired it with corresponding IP addresses to reach a specific and granular customer base. This targeting technology leverages direct mail lists and uses geo-location to create customer profiles based on addresses while being privacy sensitive. It’s an effective way to engage current customers and ideal targets.

IP address targeting makes match back reporting more efficient. It quickly gives us feedback on what is working and what isn’t so that we can adjust our one-to-one marketing strategy accordingly. We’re able to compare and analyze targeted segments with new sales data and calculate the return on investments. It also measures impressions, clicks, click-through rates and conversions.

This IP address targeting strategy resulted in over $172k in sales for Grand Home Furnishings. It was able to get Grand’s name into their target market with a 33x higher frequency, was responsible for 46% of the total sales during the campaign, 38% of the display ads and increased sales by 17%.




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Database Management and Humanalytics

Our over 20-year relationship with Grand Home Furnishings has given us a rich history and database to draw from. Having these insights give us the human element to bridge the gap between data and business. This Humanalytics process allows us to be more efficient, anticipate challenges, recognize opportunities and deliver personalized results. We have higher satisfaction rates and a proven track record of loyal clients.