Media Buy Gets $1.70 Added
Value for Every $1 Spent

We believe in always getting added value for our clients. During last year’s Fire Prevention multi-media campaign for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, The Yaffe Group media team negotiated $1.70 worth of no-charge advertising exposure for every dollar spent by the DNR. This included over 10,000 no charge PSAs, 25 on-air interviews and 244 no charge print ads.

The campaign’s goal was to educate people about proper safety requirements when burning refuse or having a campfire. We wanted to encourage them to go to the DNR site and get a free burn permit which would let them know conditions were okay for burning. The target audience was primarily male rural residents 35+ living in Michigan’s Northern Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula.

We created radio, TV and digital ads which were placed along with outdoor and newspaper ads. Radio was our primary communication vehicle because it is highly targetable thanks to its diversity of formats and mobility. Radio stations in the primary geographic areas for the DNR were analyzed for coverage areas, rates, formats and ratings.

To be effective, we needed the messages to run at a high frequency rate. The allotted media budget would not accommodate a high frequency media buy so we went to work on leveraging the media budget for on-air interviews and no charge spots. Our goal was to reach as many local residents and seasonal travelers in high-risk fire areas with a fire prevention message.

Through media relationship management, Yaffe leveraged 25 additional airings of interviews between DNR officials and various radio personnel that amounted to an equalized value of 607 PSAs.

Geo-targeted digital ad units and pre-roll video were served to the target audience through various platforms – desktop, mobile and tablet. The allocated budget purchased 2.1 million impressions and showed a strong performance, delivering a total of 2,250,458 gross impressions and 2,746 clicks from the display banner and 14,427 interactions from pre-roll video.

Yaffe was able to negotiate added value with the digital buy in the form of newspaper advertising, allowing DNR to further spread fire safety messaging. This digital added value via print garnered the DNR 244 full-color ads delivering over 4.5 million impressions throughout the state.

The Yaffe Group has a long history of working with clients that need to motivate specific audiences and customers over limited time periods with specific calls-to-action. With this campaign we delivered well beyond the promised amount of advertising exposure and media coverage. And we created new ads that got attention, increased awareness and delivered the desired actions.

If you’d like to know more about this campaign and others like it, contact us formore information.

We Also Created New
Creative for the Campaign

After years of just using creative they could procure for free, we convinced them to create some new spots specifically for this campaign. With a very low budget, we were still able to create a TV spot with animation and live action, some ever shot by drone, plus three new radio spots, including original music – all for less than $14,000. We also created banner ads to run on digital and social sites. See examples below.