Micro-targeting millennials to connect with a hard-to-reach audience.

There are over 65 different jobs in the Navy. Everything from Aviation to Submariners.

Given the modern state of warfare, one of the most important jobs is Cryptography: The ability to collect and analyze state-of-the-art communication signals using sophisticated high-powered computers, specialized computer-assisted communications equipment, video display terminals and electronic/magnetic recorders. In other words, to create and analyze coded information.

The challenge is that .0004% of the millennial U.S. population is our target. Clearly, a mass-market communication effort was not going to be the solution. So, we created an intriguing, puzzle-based alternate reality game that played across Navy social media platforms.

It was a micro-targeted approach that appealed to those very characteristics that made an ideal Navy Cryptologist: self-motivated, highly intelligent, intuitive, and driven by curiosity.

The campaign was launched with zero paid media, yet received coverage from over 50 news outlets.

The Result:

It exceeded the Navy recruiting goal for Cryptologists and became a template for micro-targeting hard-to-recruit jobs for the Navy.