Small social/digital campaign generated $210,506 in sales.

Yes, You Can! Target retail customers on social media for headline-worthy results. The RoomPlace launched a new financing program that allowed customers to buy furniture with a low monthly payment. They wanted to communicate how this program made new furniture affordable to a larger audience.

It was promoted with a “Yes, You Can!” multi-media campaign which included both digital and traditional media. We created and executed all of the components and the media plan. This campaign showcased how we go beyond traditional impressions, opens and clicks to actually calculate and report on sales generated and ROI.

Our strategy utilized digital and social media for a highly targeted campaign aimed specifically at those whose online behavior and profiles indicated an interest in new furniture or home updates. Both existing customers and look-alikes were first identified and then targeted with ads. All creative executions were A/B tested for optimization throughout the campaign.

The results showed when you combine your data with social media marketing in smart ways, you can get incredible results – even if you’re a high-ticket brick and mortar retailer. With today’s constant influx of new communications tool or new sources of data, you need to know which ones work best in which combinations. At Yaffe, we’re always evaluating new ways to do smarter direct marketing.

We had specific messaging about the new program and a special offer made just for RoomPlace customers. By analyzing the data that we manage for our client, we pulled out their best customers. Then, we utilized Facebook to target only the ones we wanted to reach.

Facebook gave us an additional, extremely targeted direct marketing touch point beyond email and direct mail. We wanted to get a good frequency of this message to our customers because we know that the more times we reach them, the higher the response we’ll achieve. Using direct mail for multiple messages can be cost prohibitive and too many emails within a short time tends to annoy people. This additional touch point allowed us to solve those problems and up our frequency of message to our existing customers.

Campaign goals: We wanted to create awareness of the new program, generate leads, drive store traffic and increase sales.
The results:

  • The campaign got a match rate of 43%
  • The click-through rate was in the normal range, at .62%
  • It was a low Cost Per Click (CPC) of $0.70
  • We got a great response rate of 10.5% from those who confirmed email address to get a coupon
  • The average overall ticket price of purchase was huge – 40% higher
  • And in the process, we increased the client’s Facebook Likes by 25%

Overall the campaign was a great success. By regularly analyzing our results as the campaign progressed, we continually sharpened the tools in our tool belt. Our fine-tuned approach maximizes the results and drives our client’s use of digital, social, CRM and direct marketing.