How to Be the New Girl at Work On Twitter: Introducing @Work to @Play

Jess blog photo Normal people reschedule job interviews when they are suddenly stricken with illness. Not me. I was determined to meet with The Yaffe Group staff and discuss my skills and experience despite my fear of not being able to make it through the meeting. Needless to say, I am very glad that I braved the interview and disguised my flu symptoms because a week later I received a wonderful phone call that I got the job!

Just three days into work as an Assistant Account Executive at Yaffe, I have been asked to participate in multiple projects, been sincerely thanked for my already hard work on tasks and even asked for my twitter handle. Yes! They love twitter here! It’s a big difference from my previous employment but I am enjoying the change. Everyone is creative, friendly and in-tune with social media. I supposed I should have known that since a dear friend sent me the job posting via a Facebook post. And did I mention TweetDeck was already installed on my computer my first day? 

Being young and internet obsessed I gladly shared my @jessnoel twitter name with some co-workers. Friends have asked, “Are you scared they will know what you do on the weekends?” “Nope,” I replied. Though there is a line between work and play, I think in working at The Yaffe Group I will be able to easily merge the two together. I can still converse with friends, RT and share interesting communications related articles and even continue to share my passion for fashion with my followers. 

The team at The Yaffe Group understands that we all have lives outside of work and tweeting about personal things is completely OK. Being the new girl, it has also been good for them to learn a little bit more about me through my tweets. Of course I could always create a separate account but at this point, I don’t even see that being necessary. 

I am so grateful to have been welcomed with open arms and I definitely look forward to my journey here at The Yaffe Group! 

Post by Jessica Mosley, Brand Spankin' New Assistant Account Executive at The Yaffe Group



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