Your Company Social Media Policy Needs To Be Part of Its Branding

Social media policy Companies can't avoid it any longer. And even if your company isn't doing social media, you can bet some of its employees are. So, it is important that your company has a social media policy. But, it's not just about guiding employees, facilitating conversation with customers and protecting your company. Something you might not have thought about is how it helps shape your brand. You see, your social media policy needs to be as much a part of your branding as your marketing materials and the logo on your door.

I had a chat with our new media strategist, Jen Wright, yesterday about all the social media policy work we've been dong for clients and what we've learned. The branding issue was one of the things she keyed into. I recorded her part of the chat and edited together some of the more interesting tidbits. The video is inserted below.

 A Chat With Jen Wright About Social Media Policy

So, what do you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts on social media policies in general and their part in company branding.

Mike McClure Mike McClure, I'm company branding right now.

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  • Matt Dibble says:

    Jen! I love the concept of branding your social. And I love seeing Missive in action. Keep on kicking butt Yaffe!

  • Jen Wright says:

    Thanks, Dibble! Yeah, that came from reading too many social media policies that sounded pretty tyrannical when their customer-facing branding was very community-feeling. Double talk, not so good.
    LOVED your talk at TED. Good to see you kicking butt, too.

  • What a great concept! All companies need to think about branding and social media together. Too often companies focus just on the protection.

  • Mike McClure says:

    Thanks, Laura. Yes, that’s something we’ve found in working with clients on their policies – you need to think of it more than just a “legal” document.

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