5 Must Know Retail Insights That Emerged From The Thanksgiving Weekend Sales

By December 3, 2013General

Black Friday and Cyber Monday cemented the shifts to mobile and online shopping in consumer behavior. Consumers spent more online, with increased use of smartphones and tablets as their shopping tool of choice.  

1. Cyber Monday: The Biggest Online Shopping Day in History
Cyber Monday sales increased by 16% from last year, reaching $2.29 Billion dollars in sales. The average purchase came up to $128.77. These statistics  demonstrate the consumer’s choice to shop from home on a cozy couch and the continued rise of Cyber Monday as an epic day for retailers.
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2. Thanksgiving Revenue Jumps 40% for Online Retailers
During Thanksgiving, retailers used both in-store and online deals to get the consumer excited. Thanksgiving online sales brought in $1.06 billion in the US.  Leading online retailers enjoyed a 40% jump in revenue.
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3. Mobile on the Rise
Mobile was responsible for 21% of all Thanksgiving online sales. Tablets brought in $152 million (73% increase from 2012) and Smartphones $70 million (50.7% increase from 2012).
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4. Apple devices beat Android in generating online sales
Apple users ended up spending more, generating 80% of mobile sales. Apple devices drove 22.4% of all online traffic, versus 9.1% Android.   
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5. Search beats Social
Search is still king. Almost 40% of e-commerce sales came through organic search (24%) and paid search (15%). While less than 1% of sales came from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms. Facebook and Pinterest dominated average sale orders with $97.46 and $91.53, respectively.
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