Oreo snack hacks

What to you get when you combine some of the coolest chefs with media cred, the popular hacking culture and one of the best brands at content marketing? You get the very cool Oreo Snack Hacks videos. 

Oreo has become one of the best content marketers and we've talked about them here before, including showcasing one of their innovative Vine videos. Here, they've taken to a longer video format, with two to three minute videos featuring some pretty hip chefs hacking new snacks using Oreos as one of their ingredients.Not only is it interesting to watch these chef's do their Oreo hacks, pretty much on the fly, they list off the simple ingredients at the end so you can make the food yourself.

In another smart marketing move by Oreo, they chose chefs who clearly love Oreos. As they cook with the cookies, they tell interesting stories of how Oreo has fit into their lives along the way. One chef even has a dog named Oreo. These are very well done and very on brand. Plus, they're fun to watch. 

 Oreo Snack Hacks: Midnight Hack by Roy Choi

 Oreo Snack Hacks: Fanatic Hack by Michael Voltaggio

 Oreo Snack Hacks: Impulse Hack by Starry Kitchen

I hope you enjoyed watching them. It's just smart marketing, once again, from one of the masters of modern marketing. What do you think? And what other ads or videos have you seen that would make a good Ad or Video of the Week?

Mike McClureMike McClure, Experiencing Cookie Envy

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