Retail Marketing Strategies: 14 Furniture Promotions That Get Shoppers in the Door

14 Furniture Promotions that bring customers in Click image to see larger version

In the last 30 years, The Yaffe Group has worked with over a dozen of the top furniture retailers in the country. In that time we have found some tried and true promotions that consistently work to bring customers through the doors. The infographic above lists the top 14 promotions that have been good retail marketing strategies for our clients. There's a very brief explanation of each below.

  1. VIP promotions. Special in-store events with an exclusive feel. Personally invite you VIP customers to take advantage of a special, private offer/event. 
  2. Free gift. It doesn't even have to be a big one or specified what it is. Just the idea of something for nothing will draw them in.
  3. Sponsorships. Sponsoring an event, team or local group creates good will and gives you something to build traffic off of.
  4. Ticket giveaway. Can be just for coming in, with purchase or a give-away to a few lucky people, depending on perceived value of the tickets. 
  5. Contests. Popular within social media today, Pinterest or Facebook contests do well. 
  6. Sweepstakes. Simple enter to win a prize is always a draw.
  7. Free consultations. Offer expert advice or time with your in-house designers
  8. Coupons. Can be delivered via traditional media or via digital. Or handed out by salespeople to drive larger sales
  9. Discounts. Everybody loves a perceived bargain.. Giving a big percent off accomplishes that very well.
  10. Preview Days. have a big natural holiday, grand opening or anniversary event? Invite your best customers in for a sneak preview and early savings.
  11. Friend and Family days. Non-media event. Hand out flyers to friends and family members to get special discounts.
  12. Tent Sales. That big tent in your parking lot screams bargains.
  13. Celebrity Appearances. People love to meet celebrities. Makes extra sense if they have a furniture line, like Joanna Gains, Paula Deen or Cindy Crawford.
  14. Pressure Points. Limited time offers for a one day or a few hours within the scope of a larger event. 

Those are the promotions that have stood the test of time and are still a draw today. If you'd like to know more or want some concrete examples. Just drop me a line ( and I'd be happy to share. 

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