dare_to_be_awesomeI’ve found the key to being both happy and successful. All you have to do… is be awesome.

Now, if that statement caused you to groan, roll your eyes or spit coffee all over your keyboard in an awesome spit take, let me ask you this; do you think you’re awesome at what you do? Before you answer, think of this. Someone is paying you to do what you do. That means you probably do it better than most people on the planet. So, you already have a leg up. That’s a good starting point.

wake_up_kick_assBeing awesome isn’t as hard as it sounds. Yes, you have to have skills and talent. But chances are, if you have a job – you have the skills and talent to do it. Taking it to that next level is more about desire and attitude. Do you wake up, excited to get to work, kick some butt and make a difference for your company or your client? You should be. You can be. You just need to want it. You need to be driven, obsessed even. That’s what will take you from just existing to being both happy and successful. It’s how you get to awesome.

So, are you awesome? Part of being awesome, isn’t just being really good at what you do. It’s being willing to let others know you’re awesome – not to be superior, but to share your enthusiasm. It’s letting those you work for and work with know you’ll go above and beyond to make their goals both attainable and sustainable. Trust me, if you dare to be awesome, you will find your life so much more enjoyable. And it’s contagious. That enthusiasm and drive to be awesome infects those around you and pushes them to be the same.

follow_your_obsessionsHow do I know this? I see it here at Yaffe. We had a meeting today where we were talking about who we are as a company. We talked about how we’re strategically focused and data driven and performance obsessed. We talked about how people like working with us, both clients and vendors. And it’s true we do get obsessed about these kind of things. We do like to challenge each other and our clients. And we do it without a lot of ego.

It came to me in that meeting, “hey, we’re freaking awesome.” I am awesome at what I do. And so were the people in the room. It’s why we’re successful. And more importantly, why we’re happy.

So I ask you again, are you awesome? If not, why not? And if you are – don’t be afraid to show it and share it. Scream it from the rooftops if you like. It’s an awesome feeling. One worth passing on.

Mike-McClureMike McClure, feeling awesome.

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