How Do People Without Twitter Know What’s Going On?

By January 15, 2011Our life, Social Media

Twitter I am constantly watching my tweets come in. And it’s not just Twitter I am always watching, it’s Facebook too. And it’s not because I have nothing better to do (but it is a fine way to spend a day), it’s because I want to know EVERYTHING. When I am watching Twitter, I know things before you do. And before most of the free world, unless that free world is on Twitter.

When Michael Jackson died, Facebook and Twitter was where I “heard” first. My Executive Creative Director can vouch for that, cause that’s where he found out, and he was a few doors down. We told people. They were waiting to hear the news I guess. Is it bad that I want to know  Michael-jackson-memorial-wall what is happening the second it happens?  Remember balloon boy?  A social media dream!  But a sad man’s demise… Regardless, Facebook had me dropping everything to follow that flying balloon. It stopped everyone dead in their tracks, but only if they were online watching.

So what about the people that don’t have an @handle? Am I to assume they know nothing about the world until it’s too late? I know a fellow who doesn’t have a Facebook account and could care less about #trending topics on Twitter.  He reads the local news online and he checks what is trending on Bing when he launches his internet browser. While this is a decent way to learn about what’s happening, it’s just not enough for me.

When I log onto my Twitter account, I am immediately thrown into a never ending abyss of news headlines, some real and some gossip. I learn more things about the daily happenings in this country in 3 minutes than the average person will throughout an entire day – or perhaps week. The fellow I previously mentioned might find out that someone was arrested today, but I have probably found out his past arrest history, what he ate for breakfast, his kids’ names and the color underwear he has on. And of course, I knew he was arrested – yesterday.

100 headlines You see, social media can get us the news far quicker than anything else. Sure, I am getting tweets straight from the source, but 100 headlines are coming at me all at once with links to the stories. A far superior way to pick the news I care to pay attention to. And before all the papers and TV stations in Detroit even run anything, I am getting the story from a national source (or creepy guy who spies on people). There is always someone out there finding the news faster.

I have checked my Twitter feed like, 20 times, while writing this blog. I can’t afford to miss anything!  And if I am not on Twitter for a second, someone is sure to post a great story on Facebook. People I know find the best stories!

I suppose what I don’t understand is why someone wants to miss out on the awesomeness that is the social network. Yeah, I said it. There is a whole network of people out there that have so much to say. If you aren’t listening, you will find out about it some other way, and by then, it’s old news, Dude. 

Lauren Lauren Cavanagh, Account Executive & Avid Twitter Fan

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