Ad of the Week: TC Bank – Dream Rangers

Tc-bank-dream-rangers This week, we're going International. Our Ad of the Week comes from Taiwan, It's a great video that draws on basic human emotion, no matter what language you speak. It's all about the connections you've made over the years and reconnecting to the people who have mattered the most in your life.

The video revolves around five gentlemen, average age 81, who car connected from their youth. There's an old black and white photograph of a group of them at the beach on their motorcycles. One of the guys in the photograph has just died. It becomes apparent that one of the women, passed some time ago. The five guys left – one has a hearing problem, one has cancer, three have heart disease and all of them have degenerative arthritis.

They decide to reconnect to each other and their youth, honoring those who have gone before them by getting in shape and going on a journey – riding their old motorcycles. It's a touching story about having dreams and following through. The bank is only brought into the picture at the very end – to punctuate the story. Take a look:

 TC Bank (of Tiawan) – "Dream Rangers"

Thanks to our PR gal extraordinaire, Jen Marsik Friess, for bringing it to our attention via Twitter. If you have a suggestion for Ad of the Week, simply let us know. Here. On twitter. On Facebook. Via email to However you like.

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  • Mike Morawski says:

    Excellent story. The chance to relive your youth one more time. The bank did a very good job of staying out of the way until the end. Very elegant.

  • Mike McClure says:

    Yes, Mike, it’s definitely something us “old dogs” can relate to. I do like the fact that the bank realized that the story was compelling enough people would watch it to the end to see their involvement.

  • We’re never too old, or too young, to have dreams. And, we each are responsible for the realization of our own dreams. If you don’t believe that, watch a toddler learning to walk. They don’t even know what their dream is, but they act on it anyway. They dream of exploring and being a part of life. Don’t let life itself take away that dream. Dream and live right up to the very end (and perhaps beyond).

  • Mike McClure says:

    Thanks Jacki/Dr. G
    Couldn’t have said it better myself! We all have dreams. They may change, but they don’t stop happening.

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