Ad of the Week: American Insurance Company – Dream Champions

American Insurance Durant Watts JeterSuccessful marketing today goes well beyond the :30 second ad. It's longer format videos. Good storytelling. Tying into a good cause in more than just a surface way. The latest ads for American Insurance Company's "Insure Carefully, Dream Fearlessly" campaign have big check marks on all those fronts. 

Americanfamilyinsurance_jj wattThe videos feature a trio of "dream champions" helping various worthy causes. They are Golden State Warriors Keven Durant, Houston Texans J.J. Watt and former NY Yankee, Derek Jeter. The campaign idea is built on the idea that providing true support goes beyond cheering from the sidelines, but actually doing something to help. In each one, America Insurance has chose to help a dream champion who has an organization that is built around helping others achieve better lives. In one spot, it features someone who has set up a school for homeless children – touting the fact that the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. The second feature a company that is set up to provide healthy food alternatives at affordable prices in an area with no grocery stores and mostly fast food. 

According to their press release, “Customers choose American Family Insurance because we engage with them through meaningful content that reaches beyond traditional advertising, daring them to dream fearlessly, knowing we’re protecting them along the way,” said Telisa Yancy, chief marketing officer for American Family Insurance. “Our brand ambassadors are an important part of this message – supporting and championing dreams, sharing their own stories, struggles and achievements, and providing inspiration by example.”

They are heat-warming spots that actually provide both help and inspiration on their way to creating more brand ambassadors.

 American Insurance Company – School on Wheels

 American Insurance Company – With Love Market

Let me know what you think and pass along any ads you think are deserving of AOTW mention.

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