Knowing Your Competition – One Reason To Stay Local for Your Michigan Marketing Needs

Michigan marketingToday’s technology has made it fast, easy and convenient for Michigan marketers to work with companies anywhere in the country, in the world really. Communications and files can be sent quickly via email and meetings can set up remotely through Skype. Heck, we do it all the time with our out-of-state clients. So why would you settle for a local company for your Michigan marketing needs? The world is your oyster and you can have your pick of anyone in the world. Yet there are advantages, if you're a Michigan company, to doing your marketing with someone right here in Michigan alongside you. 

One advantage? A Michigan marketing partner knows your competition better than anyone not here in the state. We can go into their stores or offices. We see their commercials on a regular basis. It's easier to gauge a change in your competitor's marketing plan or tactics if you're here to see the ads firsthand and have a long history of watching their campaigns evolve. We also know what motivates your customers more intimately. As locals, we know local customs and idioms – like saying pop instead of soda. 

Know your competitionMichigan marketing experts have other ways to find out what your competition is doing.. Media teams are a necessity and play a vital role in making connections and building relationships with local newspapers, publications, TV and radio stations. Through media relationship management, connections can be leveraged to get an inside scoop on what the competition is doing. It also comes in handy when negotiating stuff like getting added value in various communication vehicles. 

It is valuable  to understand the competitor’s brand positioning, their media strategy and any other regional marketing opportunities that can be leveraged for you. Having a Michigan marketing partner who knows the competitors’ strategies first hand can help you achieve a strategy and brand positioning that makes your brand the most valued player of the game and a crowd-pleaser.

And finally, it's a lot easier to get taken to nice meals and other perks if your marketing partner is a local one! But seriously, there are plenty of us here in Michigan who have the skills, knowledge and resources to make your Michigan marketing a step above your competition. So, next time you need a marketing partner, if you're here in Michigan, give us all a fair chance to make you look smart. 

Mike McClureMike McClure – wondering if I need to wrote a post for out of state marketers now.

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