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Chicco_Performance ReviewNew moms often feel overwhelmed and that they’re not doing as well as they should be. This is especially true for new moms when they go back to work. In this amazing, empowering video from Artsana USA, Inc.’s infant brand Chicco, they take the time to show a new mom that she’s doing a lot better than she thinks. 

It’s a touching video that you can’t help but smile and maybe even get a little teary-eyed as you watch it. In a twist much like Dove’s real beauty spots, we start with a performance review of a new mom who’s gone back to work. Her boss asks her how she thinks she’s doing. The new mom feels she’s not achieving as much as she should and is letting people down. Then her boss tells her to take a look at what other people think. They’ve interviewed both co-workers and people in her personal life (sister, friend, husband) all of which tell how awed they are by how well she’s doing and are amazed she can do so much, so well. 

This is a tactic we’ve seen before in some form or another and it could come off as a bit schmaltzy. But Chicco does it really well and pulls it off as part of their #NeverStopGrowing campaign. I really enjoyed it and i think it connects very well emotionally with their core target audience. 

“We hope our campaign will provide everyone who knows a new mom a glimpse into her reality and inspire them to be supportive, understanding and uplifting,” Brenda Liistro, one of Chicco’s general managers, tells Marketing Daily. “After all, chances are the moms (and dads!) around you have no idea how well they’re really doing.”


 Chicco – Performance Review

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Mike McClure – old dad.

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