Keeping a Personal Connection with Customers in Today’s VR, AI, Digital World


latest_retail_marketing_technologyIt’s easy to see that technology is radically changing the retail environment at an ever-increasing rate. AI is starting to take over online chats and customer service. Virtual reality and 360-degree video offers new ways to create customer experiences and deliver your retail marketing. These are all things retailers need to consider as they fight to hold their position or even gain ground in the very competitive consumer market.

human_touch_retail_marketingHowever, you can’t get so caught up in all this new technology that you forget the human side of human nature. No matter how advanced we get and how much we do online, people will always appreciate a genuine human touch. At some point in the customer journey, they’re going to need to talk to a real person. As a retailer or any other company, really, you need to make sure those points of interaction count.

Having people who treat customers like, well, people, can become a competitive advantage. One of our retail client’s key point of difference is how well their people treat you and how they’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy. It’s become the keystone of their retail marketing and a way to stand out among the competition.

The Discover “It” credit card has built their whole latest campaign around the fact that they treat you like you would treat you. Their ads tout the fact that when you call their help line, you’ll talk to a real, U.S. based, person.

So, just remember, no matter how tech-savvy we become and no matter how many incredible new toys become available, you still need to make sure you have ways to make a personal connection with your customers. After all, sooner or later, everyone will have that new technology available to them. What will make your company stand out is the way your people treat your customers. That has a lot longer-lasting impression on customers than the latest shiny object.

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