Ad of the Week: Volkswagen – The Letter

By September 1, 2010Ad of the week

VW Tiguan Here's an ad that combines good storytelling and engagement to draw you in and keep drawing you in until a twist reveals the sales pitch. But, it's done in such a funny inventive way that you don't mind the intrusion of a brand pitch. In fact, it adds to the enjoyment of the ad/video.

The spot is for Volkswagen and it's called "The Letter." It's fun, funny and engaging in a way that most spots aren't. So, rather than tell you too much and ruin it for you, I'll just let you watch it for yourself. Enjoy!

Volkswagen: "The Letter"

This week's ad was suggested to us by Ron Rose of Ron Rose Productions. Thanks, Ron. Have your own suggestion for Ad of the Week? Leave your comment here, send us an email at, send us a tweet or post on our Facebook page.

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