Ad of the Week: VW – Vet (Bulldog Ad)

By September 19, 2012Ad of the week

VW Bulldog commercialSometimes these are just for me. The new Volkswagen ad with the bulldog who ate the keyless fob his owner's car just makes me smile every time. I had an ugly Boston Terrier who would eat almost anything, so I can relate to this spot. Plus, it's got a Johnny Cash soundtrack. What's not to love!?

The basic premise is that with this device you can operate all your car's functions without a key – as long as the device is near the car. It opens with a guy looking for his keys. Finally he looks at his sad looking bulldog and realizes the dog ate his keys. So, he has to pick up the dog and take him with to start his car. Then of course, he has to take the dog to the vet to get them removed. As he walks away from the car, he has to take the dog back next to the door so he can roll up the windows and lock it. As we see the price and logo at the end, the only audio is Johnny Cash singing, "that dirty old egg-sucking dog." Priceless.

 Volkswagen – Vet

The VW ad does a good job of engaging the viewing, telling a good story and showing a product benifit. Maybe I'm a sucker for dirty old egg-sucking dogs, but I love this ad. What do you think? If you're a cat person instead, does it still reel you in with the story?

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