Ad of the Week: Ikea – Playing With My Friends

By October 31, 2012Ad of the week

Ikea playing with my friends commercialIkea has been known for creating some very racy ads, some very funny ad, some very hip ads and some very controversial ads. Often they are also very good ads. This time they made a very warm, family-friendly ad that is both engaging and tells a really good story. It has a little humor to it – but not the kind of over-the-top humor you've come to expect from them. In short, it doesn't feel like an Ikea ad – and yet it does.

The premise is very simple. A bunch of kids and their favorite toys (that are now larger than life) prepare a meal and set the table for a fun get together with all their friends. It plays off the imagination of a child in that at the end, we see in the mirror that all these over-sized toys are actually they're parents.

It's simple. It's fun. And it showcases the product in use in a family home setting. I like it!

 Ikea – Playing With My Friends

So, what do you think? Does it fit their brand? Does it feel like part of their overall campaign? Or is it a whole different direction for them? I'd be interested to know what you think.

Mike McClureMike McClure – like all creatives, a kid at heart!

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  • says:

    Great ad. Great blog – glad I found it. I started to read the past posts because I found them interesting, but (I know, everyone hates a complainer) I do have one suggestion: please have someone spell check them before they go live. I really enjoyed the content of the five posts I read so far, but each one contained spelling errors. I do understand that most readers would not care or perhaps even notice, but as a marketing professional I find that that these little things diminish the writer’s credibility.

  • Mike McClure says:

    Thank you, Beatrice. So glad you liked the post and have found the rest of the blog interesting. I’m sorry you found so many distracting spelling errors. We do run the Typepad spell check before going live with each post, but apparently that’s not enough – will try to go through more carefully in the future.

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