Ad of the Week: Ikea – Experience The Power of a BookBook

Ikea BookBook adIn this age of newer and better technology coming out faster and faster, Ikea brings you their latest, greatest idea… a book that is, well, a book. In introducing their new 2015 catalog, Ikea Singapore created a video that spoofs all the new technology product launches perfectly. I found the satire right on and quite funny.

We have our on camera tech guru explaining this incredible new innovation in all the terms you might hear for the latest tablet or smartphone. Some of the advantages of the bookbook is that it comes with no cords and is fully charged. And the battery life is eternal! They take you through the interface of the book and show how each page has zero load time for incredible resolution! They even go on to explain things like bookmarking and sharing features. You can tell the writers had some fun with this, and the art direction is spot on. Take a look…

 Ikea Singapore – Experience the Power of a BookBook

Overall, I think it's brilliant and well done. It's a very creative, modern approach to selling a very old school idea – a yearly catalog, bound old fashion book style. Ikea has created ads that have been featured in my Ad of the Week posts before and I think they hit all the right notes again with this one. How about you?

Mike McClureMike McClure, lover of all kinds of bookbooks


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