Video of the Week: Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

Amanda Palmer Art of Asking Ted TalkI didn't have an idea for a video this week. After posting a bunch of ads in last week's Super Bowl post, i didn't want to do another marketing-related video. I wanted something inspiring or thought-provoking. So I put out the question on Facebook, asking what Ted Talks or similar videos people liked the best. Little did I know, I was doing exactly what Amanda Palmer was telling me to do in her amazing Ted Talk.

Thanks to Lori Jo Vest for turning me on to this video, and Charlie Wollborg for further endorsing it. I watched it and found it very compelling, both from a storytelling point of view and the message within. She talks about how she started as one of those street performer bride statues and used the lessons learned there to help propel her band's success – eventually running the largest band Kickstarter campaign to date. 

It all starts with a human connection. It moves through learning to trust each other. And learning to not be afraid to ask for that which you need. it's a message you need to watch if you're a marketer, if you're an entrepreneur, if you're a person with a dream or just a fellow human with your own goals in life. Enjoy!

 Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking [Ted Talk]

Well, what did you think? Got some other great videos you think I should watch? I'd love to add to my list. Please, won't you share with me?

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