Ad of the Week: Jamison Whiskey – Great Fire

There has been a movement lately back towards great storytelling. Maybe it's the proliferation of digital and social channels that are more about telling your story than pushing your brand on people. At Yaffe, we've always believed your brand is about the stories you tell and the relationships you keep.

John Jamison Great Fire commercial One of the best practitioners of storytelling these days is Jamison's Irish Whiskey. Sure, the stories they tell are tall tales, but they're done so well. They've taken the founder of the company back in the 1700's and created great stories weaving a legend of a man who would do anything to preserve the finest tasting whiskey in the land. I'm sure, by now, you've seen their ad where one of the barrels of whiskey is lost at sea and John Jamison dives in after it, ending up battling a giant squid and eventually washing up on shore in time to attend his own funeral, barrel of whiskey on his shoulder.

This spot involves the great fire of 1789 that burned through most of the town and nearly burned down the distillery. But again the legendary John Jamison went to extreme measures, pulling down a nearby dam (which looks awfully modern for 1789, if you ask me). The ensuing flood puts out the fire, saves the whiskey and the people rejoice. It's beautifully shot, artfully detailed and masterfully told. So, without further ado, enjoy the ongoing legend that is the Jamison brand.

 Jamison's Irish Whiskey – Great Fire

I found this week's ad by looking through this year's One Show award winners. If you have an idea for Ad of the Week, just drop us a line here in the comment section, Or on twitter. Or Facebook. Or via email to However you like.

Mike less meMike McClure, Exec Creative Director & Chief Storyteller

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