You Stand Naked Before Your Customers; Cover Yourself With Digital Strategy

Naked before your customersRetailers have no choice but to adopt the digital-first
posture. Mobile devices empower, and ALL of your customers have them.  Customers can post pictures of what they
already bought, get advice from their friends or talk up your customer rep that
provided great service. This ability to post and record how their experience your
business in real-time leaves your business NAKED.

Commit to digital. You’ll fail at some things, you’ll learn from
your mistakes, but eventually the grind pays off. The dark secret is that you
will never completely “catch up” with social media or digital marketing. Every
week something new happens: Facebook comes out with video ads, Pinterest
creates more options for retailers, your customer Vines about how your delivery
team destroyed their sofa.

Digital strategyYou
don’t have to do this alone. Bring in your business knowledge, and the digital
natives will bring the know-how. We’ll explain what the new features mean for
your business and how to use them to reach your customer. But now it’s up to
you to make the first step. Say it out loud, “I will be awesome at digital. My
customers are on it and so will my brand.” 
You will tell yourself that you’ll start tomorrow. That it can wait. But
it can’t. You’re just trying to postpone the hard work. Tomorrow there will be
another excuse not to do this. 

Dmitri PivtorakDmitri Pivtorak, Socially Clothed In Digital Trappings

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